URL that opens Teams?

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So we're looking to embed URL's in Sharepoint site pages. We want to be able to have the URL automatically open the Teams app and go to a specific conversation or team. Is there a way to embed this? Anyone know? Thanks!

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You need to use URL Shortener but you can do it with SIP protocol and callto protocols for calling.

As far as linking to a Team, you basically have to join a Team before you can link into it so it makes it hard to publish a URL to use to go to a conversation unless you know they will be in it ahead of time. You can use the "Join Links" inside the Teams to have people click to join the Team, but that's about as far as you can go.

There is also a URL way to send a Team chat itself instead of using SIP. Using this format.

but it doesn't work very well and it requires you to be in the same domain tenant that you are in so it can be tricky. 

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Interesting. Are you saying we HAVE to use SIP and calling protocols just to open Teams and point people to a text based conversation? We're not talking phone calls. We're just talking conversations that live in a channel.

All users are inside our tenant and are already members of those teams. 

(This is for an intranet project).

If they are already in the Team then you should be good. Usually people want to just link into a Random Team. You can just utilize the "Get Link" by right clicking on a conversation threads ... menu or channel and use that as your Quick Link etc. On your Intranet page.

@Chris Webb Right, we got that. The issue is directing the link to open the full Teams client instead of the web version of Teams. We want to invoke the full version. (Personally, I think the web version is fine, but some want the full client version.)

Also no, you don't have to use SIP, that was just one way of accomplishing (it used to be the only way). I would obviously use https calls if possible, and in your case seems to be just fine for what you need it for.
It prompts to open the client when clicking the link. There isn't a way to enforce that in Chrome to open to my knowledge, so you always have to click the link to it in Desktop (Or choose continue using web) when clicking links into Teams.

@Chris Webb 

K. That's what we were finding, but were hoping to figure out a way to enforce the client.

Voted. Thanks! @Chris Webb 

@Chris Webb Is there a link format to start a Call (SIP / VOIP) in Teams ?


I would like somethink like https://teams.microsoft.com/l/SIP/0/0?tel=+33123456789 ?


Is there somewhere the list of available Teams actions and a documentation of all arguments ?



Not that I know of, I haven't seen deep link for calling outside of to another user. Best to use callto: but unfortunately the new client still didn't work with it last I checked.
Anyone know of a callto: alternative with the new client?