Urgent TEAMS x POWERPOINT help needed

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Please I need help urgently. I was working on a powerpoint file that I opened from Teams. I was working on the desktop application of powerpoint and I made sure that the file kept autosaving. After closing the powerpoint file, it is nowhere to be found. I’m not being able to find the version I was working on neither on recent files, nor on Sharepoint, nor on OneDrive, nor in any temp folder on my MacBook. I have no idea what to do, going crazy here as this is about 10 hours of work gone.

Even when checking the time stamp on the file to see when it was last edited, it shows a wrong time stamp as if I never worked on it. Can anyone help me out here?
Thank you so much!
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Do you remember on what Team you where working on so you can check if the file and its versions are there?
Try opening up via the webapp via office.com and see if you can locate most recent presentation

@Roykhachan  Go back to PowerPoint and open it from there. Office apps should remember their last documents.