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Hi all, as you all probably know O365 customers are being forced to upgrade to Teams soon...issue is the number of desk phones that support Teams is still minimal.  We currently use Yealink T48G with EXP40 expansion modules with Skype for Business and it works fairly well.  Since the T48G doesn't support Teams we purchased the T56A which does, the issue is the expansion module that is compatible with the T56A, the EXP50, does not support Teams! I am assuming this is an issue with ALL desk phone manufacturers that support teams and will be a hindrance for us and all other firms that need the modules.  I spoke with Yealink and they confirmed that Microsoft needs to release an update to support the modules.  Is there a timeline for this? Thanks.

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Microsoft has it's own supported device list as below and unfortunately there is no announcement of releasing a patch for specific device such as EXP50


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Hi, any update on this? Are there currently any desk phones with expansion modules / sidecars that support Teams ?


Agreed on this the lack of a speed dial list on the phone display and sidecar support really hampers this platform's usability. The lack of communication from Microsoft on the phone device side of things is horrible. I've heard from our distributor verbally that there is a Teams app update for the phones coming but not before the new year, and they understand there will be support for a speed dial list. I've not seen anything official about this though. Why not? Is there a way to get in on beta versions of the device software? Would really help our deployment prospects if these phones has feature parity with the 3PIP phones on S4B. Teams has broken the 3PIP phones and the replacements don't fit the basic requirements.


Microsoft, is there any update on when the sidecar/expansion module will officially be supported? 


Alternatively, is there any co-existence model where we can use Teams on our Windows desktops, mobile devices, iPads, etc. and continue using Skype for Business on the desy Yealink phones? If the receptionists use SFB (skype for business) on their desk phones and get a call and need to transfer it (realizing all the other users are on Teams), will the Teams users be able to pick up calls on their Teams clients on their PCs and/or mobile Teams apps? and vice versa? How will conferencing work?




Any update on this regarding the sidecars / expansion modules?


I also want to know when this will be supported.


I have customers requesting side cars as part of a demonstration for Teams. Is it possible to get an update on this thread? Are there any phone models with a side car supported by Microsoft Teams?