Upload excel file to issues log in Teams

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Hello All,

I was wondering if Teams had the ability to upload information from an Excel file to the Issues log in Teams?


Below is an image of my Excel file and Issues log. Since the Excel file and the Issues log have the same column headers, can I simply upload the Excel, and will Teams automatically add those items to the Issues Log? Let me know. Thanks!



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Hi @lemonap618314

You can create Lists from an excel as per article


However, creating another line on the excel spreadsheet would not create a List Item automatically - and neither can you merge an excel into an existing List. So the only recommendation here is to 1.) Take any items on the Excel which aren't on this list and add them manually to the list or 2.) Remote and Delete the List and then recreate it via Teams

Creating Lists from Excel, at this point in time is only really designed for when first creating the List. After that point you would add, remove and manage in the List and then ideally get rid of the excel used in creating it, or storing it somewhere as a snapshot at a particular time where you would periodically export new snapshots

You could always open a uservoice here if you feel it is something you would like to see in the future


Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris