Updating teams calendar invite

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I added a new external invitee to a Teams meeting I had created in the Teams Calendar.


When I sent the update it went to all the invitees. Is there a way to send it only to the person who was just added?



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@PhilHesketh Hello Phil, what you're requesting is possible from within the Outlook client or Outlook on the web, the latter does this automatically

This does not seem to work where the meeting invitation has been sent from a Team though. I cant find a way of doing this in the Team settings, is there another way?

@KathW71 Hi, you can't do it from within Teams. To be able to use additional features and be more granular you'll need to use the Outlook client and the Teams add-in.

@ChristianBergstrom thanks for this, just a bit frustrating when you are trying to link things to a channel and attendees change.  They are in the channel though so hopefully all will be ok.