Updating Microsoft Planner automatically in Outlook iCalendar

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We use Microsoft Planner to schedule important dates, and then link that to our teams' Outlook calendar.


We (the owners of the Microsoft Planner file (not members)) recently inputted various tasks in Microsoft Planner, however they're not syncing with Outlook calendar. We've refreshed Outlook, and the new updates are not syncing. When we click "subscribed from web" and click "import" we get notification "web calendar subscription already exists". 


How do we integrate / sync these new updated tasks from Microsoft Planner into Outlook calendar?


Thank you! 

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@ChrisP4980 Have you tried F9 to Send/Receive all folders in Outlook?


Planner's integration with Outlook is not real-time, it will update at some point without pressing send/receive but not necessarily very quickly.

@Steven Collier Yes, tried F9, and clicked Send/Receive.


The updates were made in Planner 7 days ago, we waited a week and hasn't been integrated.

@Steven Collier we justice noticed that when we go onto Outlook Calendar and try to add a new calendar task we get a popup saying "You cannot make changes to contents of this read-only folder." "Sharing Permissions" is disabled and when I go into the "Properties" > "Permissions" I can't add any. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix? Maybe if this is fixed, Planner will be able to sync properly?

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@ChrisP4980 It is a read-only internet calendar view in Outlook, you can't add tasks or share such a view.

@Steven Collier Is there a way to fix it so Planner and Outlook can sync? Thank you for your help and support, much appreciated!