Updated roadmap for calling features? (Call Queues, Support for existing SIP phones, etc.)

Nicholas Semenkovich

Is there any updated roadmap available for calling features for Teams (e.g. call queues, auto attendant, etc.)?


Both the PDF roadmap and the Office 365 roadmap lists most calling features as targeted for the end of June 2018.

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na, the most recent is the online one, but they are bad about having features release dates not updated when they are delayed past their expected release dates.

I've noticed that a few of the calling features have actually been released without any announcement. Two of them that I've noticed in the past couple weeks is presence sync between Teams and SfB, and Call Queues now also ring Teams clients.


Soooo... it looks like the roadmap was updated on 7/23/2018... and it has 3rd party SIP phones as a launched feature... Now I gotta ask where are the details? What phones are supported? Polycom does not have support listed yet nor have they released a new build. Anyone see anything from their phone providers yet?