(Updated) Collaborative Meeting Notes MC538385 - CSL & storage

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Hi everyone,

in our monthly cloud checkup i found this interesting new feature - which sounds nice but with 2 problems:


  1. "After the meeting, Collaborative notes will remain accessible for all participants on the Teams calendar meeting details page" vs "Note: the new Collaborative notes file will generate a Company Shareable Link (CSL) by default."
    1. So it is accessible for all participants AND everyone in the company?
  2. Where is this saved? If the one starting the notes (or organizer) is leaving the company - are the notes still accessible?

We have a strict policy for confidential meetings (which are basically all meetings ;)) that only the ppl that "need to know" have access. With a CSL everyone can access right?




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Really interesting question. I believe they’re using Loop components for this and we don’t have a lot of detail yet.
I will deactivate it in our tenant as long as there is no clear statement.
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They are loop components and so are stored in the OneDrive of the person that first adds them to the meeting.


A company shareable link means data is available to anyone in your company with the link, like how an email is likely to be forwardable in your organisation. I believe that this is the default but is controlled from the SharePoint default link setting, i.e.



Unless it's fundamentally unlike other Loop component then it will inherit this setting, but be aware that choosing specific people will mean that users will need to spend a lot of time changing permissions.

Thanks for clarification. We already have it set to "specific people".

I will deactivate the feature for now and stay with OneNote for meeting minutes.