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Hey guys, today I reviewed the update policies in the teams admin center. 

Also I searched for the documentation about this topic which I found here: 

Public preview in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


But what I found out is - that if you set in the tenant settings > release preferences > targeted release for selected user - the setting in the teams admin center do not overwrite the release preferences. Which means "tenant > teams", right? I think this is confusing for some people, also nothing about that is in the documentation. So I think there should be a information about that in the documentation at least. 

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Hello, targeted release is something else in which Teams isn't included. To enable Public preview you have to follow the steps in the link you attached. If you look in PowerShell there's still AllowPreview (being deprecated) and the new AllowPublicPreview with the new settings. I think this is a bit buggy because the two parameters are in coexistence. I had to enable AllowPreview even though all was set up properly for AllowPublicPreview. But your scenario might be different than mine so you have to decide if you'd like to follow Office preview or just have the setting as enabled.

Thats a really good information - because personally I think it is a little bit confusing, also for customers - they think the setting is set in the org setting and do not pay attention to the update policies inside of microsoft teams.

Agree, it is a bit confusing, as most things are in Teams (referring to the massive amount of features being released). That's why we are here too :)