Unresponsive "More Actions" ellipsis when sharing is engaged

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The "More Actions" ellipsis that is located for example just beneath the PPT visual once it is shared is unresponsive (See below for placement). Clicking on the ellipsis does not open options or do anything really. Other share content options beside more actions such as "Grid View" and navigating slides works just fine. 




Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 2021-05-18. 


Is anyone else having a similar issue? Any resolutions or suggestions would be appreciated. 


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I heard the same issue from others today and I have the problem with version I've reported this to Teams product group.
best response confirmed by Laurie Pottmeyer (Microsoft)
I got a reply that the fix is rolling out should be rolled out to all tenants by mid next week.
Thanks for sharing Linus. I'll keep a lookout for this.