Unmute/mute in presenterview

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When presenting something or sharing my screen in a Teams meeting, i would like to know how to unmute/mute myself.
At first when starting presenterview, a little window shows up in the bottom right corner, where i can click mute. But the first time i click that button, the box dissapears, and i can’t seem to unmute myself again without stopping the presentation.
Is there no easy way to mute/unmute when sharing your screen?
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You are using your classic "share a window/screen" option here right?

You can use the buttons ALT+TAB to switch between applications when using windows, this way you can get back to your "normal" Teams Meeting window and control it over there.


Also there is the new presenter view rolling out which might help you more. You can find more information here Share content in a meeting in Teams - Office Support (microsoft.com)



I was presenting and sharing my screen in a live event today and could not unmute myself as the teams call was on a screen behind the presentation being shared. Is ther a solution to this ? Thanks

I have the same, Teams mutes me at some point (don't know when) when changing screens so I'm talking away and no one can hear me. Bit embarassing and would like to have the bar floating on any screen so I can mute/unmute