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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Unavailable - account won't accept calls

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Hi there, 


I work in a school and I have a child who can't receive calls from her friends. It says she is unavailable when they try to call her and she doesn't get a notification except to say she has a missed call. Her status seems to be set to available. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance!!

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Hi @LukeJamo85 


The "unavailable" message appears to her friends or just send them to the voicemail?

Check if she have the Windows quiet hours turn on, sometimes if the user has this active the calls goes directly to the voicemail.


Attached where you can see that.









Thanks for the help. The people calling get a message saying she is unavailable and then she gets a notification after to say she has missed a call. It does not pop up to say they are calling and therefore, won't let her answer. I've had a look in her notification settings and she can accept calls in there.


I will check the quiet hours on Windows and see if that is active. I had another person have the problem but their problem went away after a reinstall. This person's didn't sort after that. Odd!!




Recently a user came with a similar issue that the pop up not appear just the missing call and the focus assistant was the issue, hope this is the same, if not reply back to check if there is something in the settings.




Unfortunately, she is using a Mac computer and does not have the focus assist. Anything else that may be stopping her receiving calls? Thanks again for the help!


Sorry, I don't have to much expertise with mac, I just recomend you to check"


1. The latest version of MacOS

2. The latest version of Teams

3. Check if the calls settings are according the attachment.


Hope this helps.






Just checked my settings as I had the exact same issue.


If you click your profile picture and then settings. Find the calls option and make sure that the option 'Calls ring me' is selected and not the 'Forward my calls'


Hope this works!