Unable to Use New Teams Meeting in Outlook

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Until recently I was able to set up a Teams Meeting through the Add-In in Outlook. For the last few weeks when I attempt to do this the following error pops up: 'Sorry, but we can't connect to the server right now. Please try again later.'


Does anybody know how to correct this and re-use Outlook to set up Teams meetings again?


Many Thank

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@Andi_9949  Same thing and searching for answers with very little info. 



Have you tried the new reboot for Teams: "Clean local cache". See the answer given by

Vaidya Darpan 

@Petri X 

Hi - Tried all the actions on the response by Vaidya but still unable to set up a Teams meeting via Outlook. Any other ideas?

@Andi_9949 hello, do you have an Exchange online license? I'm having the same error but my scenario is Office 365 Business license, no Exchange license (local 3rd party mail server) it looks like that option is only available to Exchange users, even tho in the Desktop or Web application from Teams I don't see the "Meetings" tab


I had that issue with an user everytime he had multiple calendars in the view.

As soon he selected only his own calendar, it works.

Thanks for the tip.

It worked for me :).

@msanchezteisa Hi, Apologies for the time taken to respond, mine is also Office 365 Business License.

@Bob040 Hi, Thanks for the steer, I only have my calendar in view and still have the issue. Think I will have to contact Microsoft and speak to them.


Will post back after I have spoken to them with either a fix or not.




Thank guys the issue was user basic calander was not selected.



Finally sorted and back on track. Issue was not resolving to the correct calendar and had to uninstall and re-install so it would actually pick up my account. Initial Microsoft help couldn't resolve so had to get connected to Surface Support. Whilst this was happening I carried out the actions myself and solved the issue. Phew. Thanks all for your input, much appreciated.

@Andi_9949 I have the exact same issue. following

I got the message too - several times. 

Then I tried again a bit later, and it worked fine.  There was no need for me to do anything else.  @Andi_9949 

same problem and no solution

@Bob040 Love from India. That really helped me.. :)

@Andi_9949 Hello, can you be more specific of what you did. Have the same problem


Did you uninstall the teams or outlook?

Check from here:


You have two log files, otherone is loader and other is more general. Check those log files if you could found any indication what might be wrong. 



This worked for me! Thank you

Do you use exchange server pr not. If you use exchange server for mail and calender. There must be no problem to set up teams meeting. The problem for the users who use licenced office and teams but on the other mail and calender system like yandeks etc.