Unable to upload/share files

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Hello, I am new to the TEAMS platform.

I use new my new outlook account to register TEAMS(FREE),


However, when I just logged in the Windows version or web version of TEAMS, the "attach file" button doesn't work. It only shows "We're trying to setting up your files, please check later".


And when click the FILE button on the left sidebar, and click OneDrive, it only show "there's an error".



In the Chat panel, I also couldn't send file to my contact user, it shows " there's only for commercial Onedrive could use the sharing function, please ask the administrator to get authorized."



I try to use my smartphone,  the iOS app version let me select files to upload but only show the dialogue "file is uploading", but didn't work. Only images could be uploaded via iOS app.


I am not sure which step do I forget to do to make the TEAMS(FREE) work. Is there anyone could help figure out what's going on?




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There are some limitations for guests when it comes to file sharing.  Here's a good comparison chart that might help explain some of the details of that.  Does this answer your question or address the issue you are seeing?



@Laurie Pottmeyer - I'm having issues uploading files from my home WiFi network (or even when I hotpot from my phone network); but in the office, using the office network, I have no problems!

Any idea pls?