Unable to switch to orgs that I'm a guest of

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Environment: Teams Only Orgs across the board. Running Teams mobile app on Android. I am a "guest" in several clients' organizations.


I've found that when I try to switch orgs (by tapping on any of the orgs I'm a guest of under "Your Orgs" in the main app menu), the app flashes, seemingly attempting to authenticate me as a guest, and then just leaves me in the home org without switching. This is happening for all orgs for which I am a guest of - I cannot switch to any of them. I'm essentially stuck in my home org.


After a lot of trial and error to reproduce/isolate, I think I found the culprit. If my device is Azure-AD registered, then this issue occurs. If my device is *not* Azure-AD registered, I am able to switch orgs at will successfully. 


This issue never occurs on the desktop app or the browser-version of the app - only on Android when the device is AAD registered. I've gone as far as trying this on 2 different phones, with 2 different accounts, and even did a factory reset of the phones.


Any kind souls out there willing to attempt to reproduce, before I get in touch with MS?


Thanks in advance,


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My android phone is AAD registered (and managed with Intune), and I can switch orgs in Teams fine.
and my client version is 1416/

@Rob Ellis Thanks Rob. I appreciate the info -  I am not managed w/Intune - no MDM here for these test devices, so I will try that to see if it makes a difference. 

@Rob Ellis  I've narrowed my failure scenario further.

When I install the MS Authenticator app, and register my device through *that* app, the problem occurs. I can be registered as an Android Personal/BYOD with Intune, no problem. Android Enterprise/Work profile, no problem. But as soon as I install and register with the Authenticator app (via settings/Device Registration in the app) I'm no longer able to switch orgs in Teams. It might also be worth mentioning that I have MFA turned on/enforced for my primary identity.

Are you using the MSA app by chance, and is your device registered with it? What about MFA?


Thanks for your help,


I am using the MSA app for MFA - and my device is registered with it.