Unable to set video background in MS Teams in Ubuntu

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I am using MS Teams - Preview in Ubuntu 18.04, I am facing multiple issues in the current version but I will open separate discussion for them. Let's talk about this one first, in MS Teams I can set video background in a Teams meeting using any other OS including mobile devices but this is still not a feature in Linux desktop OS distribution Ubuntu. There are multiple other features which are either recently included or maybe someone didn't noticed them such as Request access feature does not work for giving access or even requesting one, microphone does not work sometimes, Can not set custom volume for my devices in device settings etc. These are Just a few. Sometime my steam just stop sending and show me "Please wait.." as if it is trying to reconnect.

People use MS Teams in Ubuntu and various other Linux distros. Please either give all features in all versions of Teams or don't provide Teams at all for these platforms.

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Hi there. Microsoft are working hard to bring the rich features of the Teams for Windows experience to other platforms such as Mac and Linux. These features will evolve and improve for sure but we do need to be patient for them and give MS the time they need to get them right. The best thing you can do in the meantime is keep your eye on the M365 roadmap section for Teams for Linux at
@PeterRising I see no update whatsoever by clicking on the given link. It is showing In development 0, Rolling out 0, Launched 1. There is no milestone whatsoever for setting background image in MS Teams - Preview for Linux Systems.

That's odd @abhimanusharma When I click on the link that Peter provided, I see this: