Unable to send message on the Teams when message contains image link.

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Hi Team,


Today, I tried to send a message to one of my colleagues from the Teams desktop app and I noticed one thing that Teams is not allowing me to send the message. I had to restart the chat/Teams desktop app in order to send messages.

I am able to replicate the issue.

The actual issue is when your message contains an image link then looks like Teams assumes that the user is uploading the image and it stucks there.

Even If we clear the message content it still shows the Uploading Image info message.


Steps for replication:


1. Copy any image link and try to paste into the Teams chat.

2. Now click on the send message button.

3. You will see the info message as "Uploading Image" and Teams actually stuck there.

4. In order to send the message you need to restart the chat or app.




1. Image link  (Note:- I copied image link from JIRA as below.)




2. Image Link text pasted in that chat and clicked send message button



3. Clear message content still info message is available.



It looks like a strange issue.




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