Unable to send http post request from Microsoft Teams messagecard's potention action button

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I'm sending a card to a Microsoft Teams channel with a button that contains a post request. When I click the button I got the following error :

"Failed to send

Could not complete the requested action. Please try again later."

@type": "MessageCard",
"@context": "https://schema.org/extensions",
"summary": "{SUMMÁRIA}",
"themeColor": "0078D7",
"title": "{TÁJ} - {TÓÉ} ",
"sections": [
"potentialAction": [
    "name": "BUTTON LABEL",
    "target": "https://<targetURL>",
    /* I also tried this one "headers": [{
    "name": "Authorization",
    "value": "Basic base64",
    }, {"name" : "Content-Type", "value": "application/json"}],*/
    "headers": [{"Authorization": "Basic <BASE64STUFF>"}, {"Content-Type": "application/json"}, ],
    "@type": "HttpPOST",
    "url": "https://<TARGETURL>",
    "bodyContentType": "application/json",
    "body": JSON.stringify({
        "buildType": {
            "id": "hereisTheid"
        "comment": {
            "text": "message"
        "properties": {
            "property": [{
                    "name": "proprety",
                    "value": "valueofproperty"
                    "name": "properyt",
                    "value": "valueofProperty"
        "@type": "HttpPOST",
        "name": "View Build",
        "target": "https://....."
        "@type": "HttpPOST",
        "name": "Test results",
        "target": "http://..."

How can I identify the button's response?

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