Unable to Schedule a meeting in my boss outlook shared calendar

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Hello to all,


I'm trying to schedule teams meeting using teams outlook calendar, in my boss calendar.

however anytime I do it I receive this message "sorry, but we can't connect the server right now". If I do this in my calendar, perfect, but in a shared calendar (my boss) I can't do it.


This only happens with teams, because I've tried the same with sk

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Hi @Criscardoso   There is a past post in this community that may provide a solution for you.  Please take a look and let the community know if it doesn't work for you:  https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams/outlook-delegate-permission-to-create-teams-m...

Please have a look at the article from ALI TAJRAN. He did look into the error and wrote the solution: