Unable to remove Team from feed

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I have an issue where a couple of teams continue to put all of their messages into my feed despite all settings to the contrary.


I originally created the teams in question and presumably am still the owner.  I had them set up to push all messages in several of their channels to my feed.  After a re-org at work I'm no longer associated with those teams, so I'm trying to prevent them from hitting my feed.  This is where I'm having issues.


I've tried disabling the notifications on a per-channel basis, to no effect.  I tried the same on mobile, no effect.  I then actually removed myself from the teams in question, and STILL get the messages in my feed.  Clearing caches folders didnt help.  I'm out of things to try.  Thoughts?

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Your probably experiencing the recent addition of the annoying “suggested” notification type. Look at the notifications in your feed. What icon is next to them? The lightbulb probably. This can be turned off in notifications by turning off this suggested option. This was snuck in recently and on by default and has been confusing users(even myself initially). Wondering if you are having this same issue.

@Chris Webb THANK YOU.  That appears to have been the issue.