Unable to my content on MS Teams



Since 02 weeks I'm not able to see any content on MS Teams using rather the web app or the desktop app.

Every time I connect to my Teams I got the same error "Ooups an error occured please log off and log in again" when I do I get on the top of the app a message MS-Teams-Contenu-Innaccessible.png


Any help !?


For information, I'm connected to 2 tenants,

The first one belong to (owner) my E365 account and have 02 teams

The second one is the MCT RL Team and I'm invited to it.


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Have you asked the admin of the tenant you are a guest to open a support ticket about this issue?

Thank you for the reply,
No I did not ask the admin of the tenant to open a ticket.
But for information
First, the admin removed me than invited me again but this did not solve the problem.
Second, the problem is on my both tenants.
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