Unable to make outbound video or voice calls using my ISP (CarryTel)

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I have an unusual problem. When I'm connected wirelessly to my ISP (CarryTel) I am unable to make outbound calls via teams to contacts within my organization. Two things happen when I make the outbound calls 1. The people hear my voice and see my video but I can't see them or hear them, and then the call drops. 2. The call connects, it's a blank screen and then drops automatically.


I can receive calls, both voice and video from people within my organization. 


When I tether to my phone, I am able to make outbound calls to people within my organization. When I connect to another wireless network (outside of my home) I can make outbound calls.


Obviously, something is wrong with my ISP/Wireless connection. But what? Has anyone noticed this issue before? 

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Hello @zkleiman  I'm going to ask @Chris Webb to help here

@zkleiman I'd try using web client and see if issue persists. Also another device if possible like your phone app on your wifi. Since your initiating the call, either your firewall or ISP may be blocking or doing something with the data that Teams uses. When you take an inbound call it's probably on random ports so it doesn't effect it the same. 

@Chris Webb Thanks for the quick response. The web client worked for outbound calls. It felt good to finally do a successful outbound call!


 What do you propose as the next step now that we've somewhat isolated the issue?  


Zach Kleiman 

@zkleiman I have the same issue. When I go to another internet service provider I am able to make outbound calls perfectly, but when I make outbound calls from CarryTel (ISP), I cannot hear the other person and the call drops. They can hear me.

Inbound calls work perfectly.

@PGandhi Hey, I never provided an update as forget where this question was posted. It turns out it was the Carrytel modem/hardware issue. I don't know what setting or aspect of the modem was the issue. I bought a new wireless modem and used the one supplied by carrytel as a bridge and my problem was solved.


Regardless, if you have problems or not with making outbound calls, I suggest bridging the carrytel modem to a superior product to boost your wireless speed and reliability.

@zkleiman Thanks for the tip. I agree with you. I will invest in a good router to resolve this issue. Actually since I got Carrytel, I also get blocked on TicketMaster.ca from buying tickets (of course not needed in a pandemic but before pandemic definitely it was a pain).

@zkleiman I have the same problem.


Can you please let me know what model router I should buy?


Also, can you please confirm the steps in order to make the Carry tell modem a bridge.


Should I connect the new modem to the carrytel with a lan cable and transmit internet via wifi from the new modem?


Please let me know. This problem is annoying me and Carrytel has no clue about the solution.

I just got one from a friend. I hear all the kids are buying Mesh systems.
Carrytel has instructions on their website to bridge the modem.

And, yes that is how the bridge works. (carrytel connects to new modem, new modem sends wifi signal).

Carrytel won't help you. They'll just ask you to restart it.

@zkleiman I finally bought a Asus 6th gen router and put the modem in bridge mode. MS team calls now work like a charm.