Unable to Make Audoi Video Calls Teams Desktop App

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 I am facing issues with the Desktop App for/of Microsoft Teams,

I am able to use teams via browser, I can see that when using the browser I can make calls,

Calls can be seen at the recipient end however I don't see option to answer the call there is no (Accept option anywhere)

And with the Desktop App version the call never succeeds as in recipient never receives any notification at all,

How can I test some audio-video settings as I can do with SFB Client ?

or this is something known I mean a list of know issues and work is in progress on these issues

However the details mentioned here does not seem to cover all details or all issues




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Could someone from Teams / SFB product engineering confirm Is Teams a reanmed version of skype for consumer product ? Also let me know how does this works When i use Microsoft Teams via a Web Browser i am able to make video call which the recipient is able to see on his PC, However when the same is tried using Microsoft Teams Desktop App as soon as the call is initiated it ends abruptly and recipients see nothing on his end I may have to take more traces, also what is network assessment with respect to Office 365 / Microsoft Teams is it a tool that can run or is it a service and one has to purchase and schedule it from Microsoft By the way i have been able to search a few things on Microsoft Teams Desktop App, i have seen and i have been able to run a networkassessmenttool.exe but this is specifically for Skype for Business never really clearly mentions about Teams / SFB online


More important links for further understanding



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