Unable to log out of Teams on Linux

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Unable to raise this as a bug report because the bug report feature on Teams (Linux) doesn't work! Madness.


Main report is that Teams will not allow you to log out of an account for whose credentials have "expired" until you've logged into it again.


In other words, let's say I logged in to Teams using account A and then came back to it tomorrow, wishing to log into another account, account B. If login A has "expired" (ie is asking for credentials again) you get stuck in a loop where you can't get rid of the prompt to log in until you've logged IN to that account, only to sign out again.


This is of course plainly ridiculous. If login A has expired and I want to use login B, I shouldn't have to log in and out of login A first. Total waste of time and has caught me out multiple times.


Build on Fedora 36 x86_64 Kernel 6.0.5-200

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