Unable to log from web and conitnue disconnection from desktop client

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it is 4 days, that i have problems with my teams account.


1) from web, i'm unable to login

and i'm redirected to this page :

Microsoft Teams - Errore


2) from desktop client

i log, it works for few minutes and then i receive this 


i click on Aggiorn (refresh)  and it connects, i receive some message and then again connection error


3) from mobile

i have no problem at all.


pls note that for point 1 and 2  i tried :

- different pc

- different browser

- newly formatted pc


if i use a pc of a collegue, and try to log in with my user, the problem are still present

if my collegue, try to use my pc with his login, everything works without problem


I'm the adminitrator of my tenants, and i have a valid E3 license assigned.

Any suggestion ?


Tks in advance



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Hello, if you download the log files, (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/log-files) do you see something related to the disconnection?

@Andres Gorzelany 


no mention about disconnection.. :(


I've no problem to attach the desjktop log file , if i'm allowed