Unable to leave & delete the Microsoft Teams free organization associate with my email ID

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This is Ram.


I have trying to delete my microsoft teams(free) org account which is associated or linked with personal email ID: knv.ramarao@outlook.com.


I have created the microsoft Teams free org account with organization name : "VOAR".


Now I want to leave/delete the same, because I want to create a new microsoft Teams organization account (paid subscription) with my existing email Id - knv.ramarao@outlook.com, for my organization as there is a change in my organization name.


I have read that, in order to leave the organization & delete the microsoft teams free org, I should be the admin for the account. 


FYI, I am the already the admin for the above "VOAR" Teams free org account.


I have already deleted my azure directory associated with it.


Even then I am unable to leave the organization.


When I am trying to leave the organization option from the following Access Panel Applications page:




its displays an error message asking to contact support.


Please find attached the screenshot of the error msg.


Kindly assist on the above & help me resolve the issue.




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@adam deltinger Thank You.


Yes, I followed all the options as the instructions given in the link, but it didn't rectify the problem.


The error msg still pops up again and again, when I tried to select the option: Leave organization


I think there is might be an error from the Microsoft side itself, which they have to clear.

@adam deltinger 

I have a very similar problem. after I deleted the first teams organization via azure active directory I could not create a new. At the sign up for business page when I entered my credentials it says, Error occured please try again. I dont remember how many times I've tried.

@adam deltinger 


Hi, Adam!


I have similar problem. Cannot signup to a new org after deleting old free one. Perhaps the issue is that although the org is deleted, and the admin@....microsoft.com is deleted, the microsoft account still hangs under the deleted org. my deleted tenant f8cdef31-a31e-4b4a-93e4-5f571e91255a (https://portal.azure.com/#blade/Microsoft_AAD_IAM/ActiveDirectoryMenuBlade/Overview). Is it possible to remove that connection?




I had a notice to accept a teams org that someone I was interviewing created then invited me. I kept hitting cancel but the prompt didn't go away. I read that if you joined it then you can list it as an organization and then delete it. So i did that with no luck. I then logged off and back in thinking maybe it needed the refresh at the console. No go. Anyone have an idea? @ramkotipalli