Unable to Join Teams meeting via emails received in my Thunderbird email client.

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A colleague is inviting me to occasional conversations to be accessed using Microsoft Teams. The emails appear in my Thunderbird email. Entries are added if required to the integrated calendar , but I'm unable to see a highlighted link to attend or 'click' where it says 'Join' the meeting here'. My webmail account works with the same email address displays the 'join' button but I wish to use Thunderbird as I've more than one email address to manage. There is something missing or not configured in Thunderbird.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Hope this is not to silly an error on my part. 


Thunderbird version 84 beta 1 released November 18, 2020. , Windows 10 Pro x64






Attached screenshots:
i) One shows the view within Thunderbird.  (ii) the other shows the message displayed in Gmail.
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@PeterRising Hello and thanks for the message. 


Unfortunately I've seen this reply. My latest version of Thunderbird is on the Beta channel and has Lightning (calendar) built in. I suspect I'm still doing something wrong. But experienced generally and technical in background. I find it hard to believe I'm the only person with this issue but ...

Thanks for trying , Alan

@Alan_Ferdman I am also experiencing this issue. Will keep looking for a solution

@Alan_Ferdman Me too.  I did figure out a way of doing (I think Convert to Task allowed you to copy and paste the link) it but it no longer works as of the latest Thunderbird release.


Super super annoying! I had to do a Teams via phone call today and it was rubbish.

@MisterK123 I did eventually found a work around but it's less than ideal.


1. Right click on the body of the open invite.

2. Save as...  A .eml file will be created

3. Drag the created .eml file into Chrome

4. The link is displayed.  Select the entire https:// part.

5. Paste into the address bar of Chrome.


Hope this helps someone!




Thanks for your comments . Interesting not just me then. I've tried an alternative workaround by 'viewing the source' of the email and manually copying the http link to effect the same. But this is still horrible. Surprising to me that Thunderbird can't support this obviously widely used platform. Perhaps one of us should report this as a 'bug' for Thunderbird. Not sure if that's easy to do? Thanks again for commenting. 

I experience the same effect. I think (or thought up to now) that this is caused by the fact that I am using pure text (as opposed to HTML) as the default email (composition) foramt.
What I do is, when scheduling a meeting via Teams or Outlook (I was not yet successful to schedule a Teams meeting from within thunderbird), I right-click the meeting link in the meeting creation mask (in Outlook) and copy it as text in the meeting description. It is then visible in the Thunderbird / Lightning calendar entry.
For some reason this calendar entry is rather garbled (no line breaks, proportional font, link is not clickable).
Maybe this helps..