Unable to join Microsoft Teams teams

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Hi there, I am unable to join Microsoft Teams teams although I have been added to the team (please see screenshot 1). The email address in which I have been added to and the signing-in email address is the same. 


It says that my email address is not in the system although I received the invitation with the same email (screenshot 2). 


Would appreciate any assistance on this matter. Thanks! 


Microsoft Teams Login.png

YH Tan & Associates Mail - You have been added to a team in Microsoft Teams_pages-to-jpg-0001.jpg

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Did you receive the "tenant join prompt" accepting the invite? Could be a delay, if it still doesn't work reach out to the other org. and have their admin/inviter resend the invitation or creating the guest account for you. To prevent credential caching causing issues try using an InPrivate browser session.
It's not saying that you don't have an account, it's saying that the domain doesn't exist in M365. Yhtanmy.com is evidently not the correct domain