Unable to join meeting issue

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Hi all,


I am trying to join a meeting and it keeps coming up with this 



It only happens when I try and join one, it never happens when I host one. This happens whether its an external or internal meeting.

The odd thing is, if I then click the Open Online button as seen in the screenshot it then opens another window asking if I want to open in 


We have tried the following:

Cleared cache for Teams

Reinstalled Teams

Uninstalled and deleted all trace of Teams and reinstalled


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I am also constantly plagued with this issue, teams is not fit for purpose if this error persists and is not an acceptable form of communication for large corporations.

I have also tried the same steps as @Jimfew

- Clearing cache in appdata

- Uninstalling/Reinstalling

- Restarting



@alextavener I have the same exact issue.