Unable to hide a Domain account with" from GAL in 0365

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The problem is that We have a domain account "" but when ever we search for this user it shows up on the Team Search.

We have tried to disable the option to hide this domain account "" from the Global Address List (GAL) in 0365 but it didn't work for the Domain account.

Is there a way or it is not possible to hide a domain from GAL.

Please i need your help


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@IBN Firstly, there is no point in @ mentioning lots of people, this is a community forum and anyone might offer great advice.


I assume what you are seeing is the users UPN, what you need to do is change the UPN. This needs to be done with great care, and the process will differ based on exactly how your users are created in Office 365. If you are syncing from a local AD then you would start there, see Prepare for directory synchronization to Microsoft 365 - Microsoft 365 Enterprise | Microsoft Docs


If your users are created in the Cloud, then check you have your preferred domain registered fully in the domains section of M365 admin, then you can go to each user and edit their "Primary Username and Email" to the preferred format.