Unable to hear caller from call queue and auto attendant

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Hi everyone,


We are trying to set up an auto attendant that will work at specific hours a day during those hours will transfer the call to a call queue where there are multiple representatives waiting to answer.

This is the setup:

  1. We have a out of country number which is connected to our local sip provider
  2. We setup an auto attendant with a resource account and assigned the number to that resource
  3. Set up the schedule and redirected to the call queue that is also assigned a resource without a number, and in the call queue we added the representatives.

The problem is that in this scenario, the caller can hear the rep. But the rep can't hear the caller.

If we move the number assignment to the call queue resource than the calls work perfectly...


Any ideas?

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@RahamimL How does the call get into Teams, are you or your local provider managing the SBC. I would suggest that's where the problem lies, something in the SBC isn't accepting the redirect. Check the SBC configuration precisely.

I figured as much, to make sure I understand, if I want a call to be redirected from AA to CQ and the ability for the agents and the caller to talk to each other, the line should be configured by the SBC to allow such redirection?

Thanks for this, Rahamim.
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@RahamimL Your SBC should be configured as per the manufacturers guidance for integration with Teams, then should then allow all the required features for calls to be redirected. It's relatively common in a case like you describe for a step to have been missed in the SBC config that preventing the redirection happening correctly.