Unable to get support for issue related to forwarded e-mails from Exchange Online to Teams Channel

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For nine months, I had a workflow issue I solved by having a rule in Exchange Online for an e-mail account that forwards to a Teams channel that has e-mail enabled (xxxxxxxx@amer.teams.ms).  In January it stopped processing some e-mails directed and broke my process. 


It was an Exchange Online to Teams.ms issue and message traced and saw the messages being accepted by @amer.teams.ms and that was it.  I reviewed our security rules and determined the only e-mails that weren't being processed originated from systems with e-mail addresses ending with .local.  I opened a case with someone who had me go in circles making new SMTP addresses, new channels, new rules, etc... it went on for weeks, then she should me it has been escalated and they could reproduce my problem internally, then I didn't hear anything for a month, I told her it was still a problem, and the issue closed.


The issue certainly has to do with something on the Teams side that doesn't like processing e-mails that end with .local on the domain, which was working fine up until January.  Something changed and if someone just could authoritatively tell me that Teams won't process an e-mail address forwarded from a legit Exchange Online address because it references an internal system ending with .local, that's fine.  It just is frustrating I can't find any publication indicating this change nor find someone technical to acknowledge and/or suggest a workaround.


Thanks for any insights.

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.local isn't a legit email address. Does that help?

@Ed Woodrick  Thanks.  I understand that @*****.local isn't a valid address, but we'd been forwarding the e-mails from a valid Exchange Online address (@*****.com) for the better part of a year into a Teams Channel and no problems.  In January it just stopped.  Can't find any documentation, change notices, or anyone on support who'd say that's the case.  When I open support cases, they just go in circles, I'm told they can replicate it, and then a month later they close the ticket without explanation.