Unable to Get Link for MS Teams directly, getting SharePoint instead

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Hey Everyone!

For the past couple of weeks, I have been using the 'Get Link' feature in MS Teams to directly share the link to my peers so that they can directly access the link from Teams without having to go to another external page.

But recently, since yesterday as I was checking, I am getting only the option to copy the Sharepoint link (attached). Earlier, I had the option to either copy the link from MS Teams or from Sharepoint. But now, I am only getting the option to copy from Sharepoint.

Now, every time someone would try to click on the link, they are getting redirected to a webpage instead of being redirected within Teams.

Is there any way this issue can be resolved?

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I mean, all the files in my thing are in general originating from SharePoint (like when I go to the cloud site, it'll appear as <organisation>
So that was some weird issue in between.
But yeah, luckily it has been resolved.



I lost my access to use TEAMS links this week, my teams is now on Version: (64-bit) 


any way we can turn that back on?

Same issue here. It is not possible to share links anymore with guest users, as they cannot access Sharepoint links, but only Teams links. This is impacting our business.



When I click on Copy Link, the link contains the organizations root SharePoint site (i.e. and a path to the file in Teams. As it should since the foundation for all Teams is SharePoint.


For your Guests to access the file via the link, they need to be added to the Team, or the SharePoint site because only team members can see files that were shared in Teams.


If you are sharing files located in Teams, the Guest has to be a member of the Team and also have access to the Channel where the file(s) is/are stored.


If you are sharing a file with a Guest from a SharePoint site, you need to make that Guest an external member.


If you are unable to add a Guest User in Teams or in SharePoint, please check with your Administrator and ask what permissions Guest have in your Tenet.



newest version of Teams - (64bit)

Thank you, @CheWeigand, for explaining how clicking in links to teams documents actually works -- exactly as described by the OP.
OP requested a way to "directly share the link to my peers so that they can directly access the link from Teams [desktop app] without having to go to another external page."
I would really appreciate the same. Has anyone arrived at a solution, whereby they can provide a link to a folder in MS Teams that will actually cause the folder to be opened in the user's Teams Desktop App, instead of in a Web browser that presents a SharePoint page?

Unfortunately this issue still persist in 2023, and the link from @Emmanuel Roux is dead now.

Old links shared from before this change still works. And for files uploaded a year ago in teams I can still get such links.
But recently created Teams, and Teams created from projects first created in Sharepoint (as these mostly are) will always behave as they are mainly Sharepoint stored.
I believe there is confusion when you work in Teams and have the impression that everything you see there are the same. But really it isn't.

My main issue with this is actually that I want a way to share Office Documents to colleagues in Teams so they can access them directly in desktop applications. But since it doesn't work and I suspect it never will again it is really Teams as a whole that is the issue.
I'm leaning towards the conclusion that Teams should be removed from the equation. It is not up to the task as a hub to communicate in projects.