Unable to Expand images

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Myself and colleagues are encountering an issue when trying to expand an image (using Microsoft Teams Version (64 bit) app on a pc). Clicking on the image results in the background darkening and a small broken icon appearing. It seems to mostly apply to images that have been pasted. The issue eventually clears itself after a week or so but then returns. Is this a known issue? Is there any way to resolve this? 




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Does it occur in the web app, or only on the desktop app?

@Rob Ellis Just tested and it works fine in the web version, and also works fine on my mobile (Android app) so looks like this is localised to the Desktop app 

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Try signing out of the desktop app, then sign back in again (rather than just quitting the app).

@Rob Ellis I can't believe it was as simple as that :D I have turned it off and restarted my machine multiple times but never actually 'signed out' of Teams. Thank you - problem solved. 


oh no, it has been more than a year, this issue still persists... i am still having same problem as of today... 24th July 2020...