Unable to email channels when "Only members of this team" is configured

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It appears that when a channel is set to accept emails from "Only members of this team", no one is able to send an email to the channel.  We've tested this on multiple Teams/channels, but consistently get an email bounce back with "The sender is not a member of the team and does not have permission to send email to this channel."

Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Tried to reproduce just now but that settings works fine for me.
Wir haben genau das gleiche Problem! Mit der Einstellung "Jeder kann E-Mails an diese Adresse senden" funktioniert es. Aber mit der Restriktion auf Mitglieder des Teams funktioniert es nicht.
Just to close the loop on this, our issue is due to setting the HiddenGroupMembershipEnabled to false on the Unified Group associated to the Team. Doing so prevents Exchange from "seeing" who are members of the Team and causes the email bounce back.
Danke für den Hinweis.
Leider scheint es nicht möglich zu sein das Setting "HiddenGroupMembershipEnabled" bei einem bereits bestehenden Team zu ändern.