Unable to create deployment team in TAC

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I attempted to create a deployment team through the Advisor in TAC. The process errored out after I added team members. I got a message at the top telling me to try again or to contact Support. I contacted Support, and after some troubleshooting, they told me that this is a known issue and they do not have an ETA for a fix. 

Has anyone else attempted to do this? What were the results? Does anyone have an idea of the content of the deployment team, so I can try to build something similar from scratch?

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If you don't see the Create a new team option, you may not have the necessary permissions to create your own teams. Check with your IT administrator who can either make a team for you or enable those permissions for you through the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Rachel Gomez
I am able to create other kinds of teams. I'm just not able to create this particular team through Advisor on the TAC.
I have exactly the same error message on 3 different tenants.

There are no solution at the moment.

I have the same problem and it looks like a permission issue when accessing both Planner and Forms. Strange as I'm the Global Admin :(.




I opened a case with Microsoft support back in September and went back and forth with them for weeks..  Ultimately their answer was this.


"Please we sincerely apologize that using TEAMS Advisor to roll out TEAMS is currently not fully functional, and this is known to our Engineering Team.
This issue is being worked upon and there is no ETA.
To this end we would keep you abreast when this tool is fully functional. At this time there is no active troubleshooting that can be done on this issue."
I would have thought it would be a good idea to put a more suitable message banner in the TAC to let admin know about this issue or remove the the option to run it altogether then if there is an ongoing problem for this amount of time. It has likely led to quite a few admins wasting some time trying to work out why it is not working and placing support requests when they cant
I have exactly the same error message