Unable to Copy Teams Wiki Data across Channel

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Unable to move or copy Wiki data across the channels. We traced that the channel wiki data is stored in Hidden SP list(Named ChannelID_wiki) and Mht file in SP Document Library. Is there any Options available in microsoft graph or Teams, to move or copy data from wiki Tab or any feasible option by migrating the hidden SP list or MHT file in Teams Wiki Data to the new Channel.

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@User1_Infosys I don't think there is any such functionality. I would also strongly advice you to move away from the using the wiki. There is not version history, no recycle bin and the information is not possible to find using search. This means that if anyone (by mistake or with purpose) alter or delete the information in the wiki it is gone.

@Par Linderoth Our client already has Wiki content in teams, So we are trying to migrate those content. Is there any other way to get and post those content using Script or hidden list Content Migration.

@User1_Infosys Nothing that I have seen unfortunately.

@Par Linderoth What would you recommend as an alternative? 

@Mackenzie660 Although not exactly the same I think OneNote is the best option.

@Par Linderoth / @Mackenzie660 


You are correct about no templates, limited formatting, no ability to copy & paste, no recycle bin or no version history in Wiki. That's five No's.  :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:


However, you can use the Wiki page for simple FAQs, Onboarding, or Welcoming. So I am not totally against it. 


I recently prepared a Wiki Tutorial that included when to use a Wiki, the difference between Removing a Wiki Tab which is not recoverable, and Deleing Pages and Sections that can be recovered through SharePoint. 


See Remove Tab vs. Delete Pages & Sections chapter starting at 8:36 timeperiod.



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