Unable to connect on Teams

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I've been using teams as a guest and liked it so I got it for my organisation. Since I set up a 365 paid account, I can no longer access the guest account (which is still for my other job). They can see me online but i cannot access through the Mac app or browser app. In addition, on my iPhone, I cannot connect at all, it just says it's working and then goes back to log in. 

I've tried deleting the apps, reinstalling them. It only started to happen when I used the same email address to set up my own team. Does anyone have any idea where I'm going wrong. Thank you. 

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I would suggest to simply ask them to remove your guest account and re add you to the team!


Thanks @adam deltinger 

We've been doing that a few times, as a quick work around as I cannot work, we're going to change my email address for that org. Really messy day. 

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