Unable to connect on Teams (blank interface)

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I deleted Teams and re-uploaded it on my Mac. Ever since, i can't connect to any of my session. When i open Teams, it asks me on what session i want to connect and opens another window for the password (normally) but that one is fully white. And i lose control of the application. I can only force Teams to shut down and that it. 

I tried deleting the information  of Microsoft on my computer and re-upload the all thing but that doesn't work.

I tried connecting on a new session but doesn't work either.


I can still connect on the web but not on the app


What can i do ?

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Microsoft had updated their client and since then this error has occurred. We have many Mac's and so far we have seen this on 5 of them with this problem. Reinstalling the app doesn't help. Not sure what change they made to the app, but it broken now.