Unable to configure 'Files tab' in Teams Group

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    I would like to provide some custom functionallity to the default document library from the teams sites. But I can't configure the default 'Files Tab':

  • If I use a SPFx extension is not rendered in this application
  • You can't configure it using Teamsfx neither
  • If you try to remove this tab using Graph, It's fordibben
  • If you try to apply a TeamsFilePolicy through MicrosoftTeams, you can't apply the policy scope to just one group team, it applies to the tenant

    So, I don't really understand how I should handle this:

  • The format view from JSON is limited.
  • The customization of the form using only SP default behavior is limited.

    If I add one more Tab with the SharePoint Connector It renders as inside SharePoint and I'm able to use the SPFx extensions. But how can I remove the default 'Files tab' from some groups without removing it from all the group sites? 


    I mean, it's a bit exaggerated to apply one tenant-level-policy just to be abe to render a Field customization extension, but there is any option at all?



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