Unable to change a users teams notification email after updating login email.

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We are having an issue where teams notifications e.g. for a meeting invite are being sent to the original login name and can't find a way to update it. We have changed the users login email but notifications still go to the original login address. any suggestion on how to fix this?


More details:


The users had the at onmicrosoft address as their login name which teams was trying to send their notification emails to, causing them to bounce (email is not hosted on office365) I have updated their login name to use their correct email address and have given it a day to see if it needed a while to update but notifications still go to that address. With one test user where both the original login and new login emails are valid the old email address still appears for them when hovering over their name in teams (for those with the onmicrosoft login name no email is shown).


Thanks in advance


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