Unable to cancel a reoccurring event series made in a deleted Team

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We have a reoccurring event that was created in a Team that no longer exists. When trying to cancel the event through teams, it just says that it cannot be canceled. Online outlook and outlook app, both can delete it, but it doesn't delete it from everyone and it comes back with a notice: 

Exchange Server re-created a meeting that was missing from your calendar.

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If possible, try restoring the Team (including the group mailbox) and grant yourself, or if the admin needs to be involved, permissions to the group mailbox and delete the series from there.

@ChristianJBergstrom Talked with Global IT and apparently the Team itself still exists, but the Channel that the event was created in does not and it's not in the "Deleted channels" list and IT Support cannot recover it either. They can delete the series, but it gets recreated by Microsoft Exchange Server.