Unable to Call Using Call Attendant Caller ID

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I have a Call Attendant and Call Queue. Both are linked to resource accounts that are licensed with a Microsoft Teams Phone Resource Account.


In the queue, I have set up that agents can make outbound calls with the attendant's caller ID. When I try this in Teams, I get an announcement that I am not set up to use this calling feature. I'm not sure what I am missing for it to work.



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do your agents have a phone system license assigned to it?
Yes we all have Teams Phone with domestic calling (country zone 1 - UK/Canada) licenses.
did you add a add the Emergency location?
Yes. it is set for all users.
If a phone number has already been associated with the respective user account, remove it and assign it again and retry from teams app

@eliekarkafy So I should remove and re-associate the attendant's number? I'm to get the below to work.



Assign a number to the user itself and try if u can now call from the auto attendant number. The user will now able to call if he doesn't have a number assigned to him.
They all have their own number assigned. I want them to be able to call clients using our tech support caller ID, which is the attendant. From what I have read, it should work, but it is not.
yes , it should , so try to remove the number assigned to the user and readd it and try again from the teams app
I quit Teams, unassigned my number, re-assigned it and launched Teams, but it still says I'm not setup to use this feature. :(
in that case, I suggest you open a ticket the Teams support team to check your tenant in the background and see when your licenses are not activating that features for your end users.
I had to license the attendant with a calling plan. It's working now. The only outstanding issue is I renamed the display name of the attendant, and it still shows up wrong in Teams. I have cleared the cache (%appdata%\Microsoft\Teams), but it hasn't made a difference. Is it just going to take time to propagate?

ahhhhh, definitely the resource account of the auto attendant needs a calling plan license to be able to make outbounds call from it.


give it 24 hours to propagate from the team's admin portal.