Unable to assign user number to a user in MS Teams

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Under Microsoft 365 Admin Center --> Users -->Active users, I have three users that I wish to assign a number in MS Teams. Each user has a 365 Phone System Virtual user license as seen in the picture below:




When I open the MS Teams Admin Center and go to voice-->phone numbers-->edit, I type in the user name in the Assigned to box and I am receiving an error that states no results found.




I presently have and Auto attendant and Call Que - each with resource accounts and a service number assigned to the Auto Attendant that is work just fine. Unfortunately, I cant seam to assign user numbers to users.


What am I missing? According to a few places on the web, it was suggested that I goto the teams Legacy Center. I do not have a Legacy Center on my Admin menu as seen below...





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to assign a phone to a teams user you need a calling plan. If you assign this license to your user your can also assign the number.
BTW. virtual phone system licenses are for ressource accounts and not for users.



@Paul Lange 


Thank you for the reply. When I purchased the Microsoft 365 Business Voice, I thought it came with a domestic calling plan. I purchased a Microsoft 365 Domestic Calling (as seen in the image below) and assigned it to my account. When I did this, I received an error message that a Virtual user account was necessary, so I also licensed that as well.


However, who I go back to MS Teams admin and try to assign the user number to that account, I have the same problem as I did in my original message, it cant find the account


forgot to attach image





For Teams to provide the ability to make and receive phone calls, and assign phone numbers, you need to assign the following licenses:


  • Teams Phone System
  • Domestic Calling Plan

The Teams Phone System license is available as an add-on license to Office 365 A1/E1, A3/E3 and I believe both Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Premium. It comes as part of the licensing package for Office 365 A5/E5.


The Teams Phone System - Virtual User license is used for Auto Attendants and Call Queues.  It has the same Teams Phone System license, but it is a free license specifically setup for those resource roles.  You shouldn't assign it to a regular user.


The reason you're getting the error about needing the "Phone System - Virtual User" license is because you wouldn't have the necessary license required for the Domestic Calling Plan.  Go into your Office365 admin portal, then Billing > Purchase Services > and search 'Phone' and you're looking for the one that is listed as "Microsoft 365 Phone System".  That's the license that will get you what you're after.