Unable to assign numbers to users

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Hi, I have an issue where I am unable to assign phone numbers to users. Communication credits are purchased, phone system licenses assigned. Number procured via customer support (due to location) however no user show up when searching for to assign.
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Could you do this via the legacy portal. Log into the Teams Admin Centre, down the bottom of the navigation select Legacy Portal and assign them in the old Skype for Business Admin Centre? It should be under Voice > Voice Users

Let me know how it goes

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard In the legacy portal it says no PTSN enabled users even though all of the appropriate licences have been assigned.

Hi @ChonoN

Assign the users numbers. Just adding the licence will not do that.

Best, Chris
Hi Chris,

As the title says... I Am Unable To Assign Numbers!



I got the exact same issue. There are no users shown in the search box when trying to assign a phone number (type "Users") to any user account with phone system license. 


Location: Germany, but not German Cloud Tenant, normal Western Europe tenant. 

Users have E5 or E3 with phone system activated. 

Domestic calling plans are available.


When editing a number (Type "Users") and trying to add a user in the user select control there are no users available to select. 


Have you been able to resolve the issue?



EDIT: Found the problem on our side! In 365 Admin Center please double check: 

  1. User needs to have Phone System AddOn activated
  2. User needs to have Calling Plan activated (that was missing in our case)
  3. User needs to have Teams enabled in Apps