Unable to add the Microsoft Project app to my Teams site. Get error message

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I have tried at different times in the past 3 weeks, to add 'Project' to my teams site. Every time the same error prevents the installation.
I am using the free version and it happens both in the TEAMS app on windows, as well in Chrome online version.  What can I do?
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Hi @VeKiJa  Let's see if one of the MVPs can assist  - @ChristianJBergstrom , would using the Free version of Teams prevent this user from adding Microsoft Project?

@Therese_Solimeno @VeKiJa Hello, well as Teams free is provided "free of charge" there are some features and functionality missing compared to the licensed version. When it comes to Microsoft Project I kind of feel it would be odd if it was to be added on a Teams free org. without issues.


I could reproduce your error message, but this it what it should look like.








Hej Christian
No, that was not my error message, and I read that Project is supposed to be available also for the free version. But I finally chose another app - meisterTask.
Thanks anyway.

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@VeKiJa Hi, please link to that information where it says that it's supported using Teams free.


This is from the official support pages and it clearly states you'll need a license

Use the Project or Roadmap app in Teams (


Good to hear you found something that fits your need though.