Unable to add new device (Macbook) after joining on Ipad or Iphone

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I recently had this issue with Ms teams where I can't seems to able to join meetings from my MacBook when i join on my iPad or iPhone. I was able to couple weeks ago but somehow just stop working since last week. 


What I normally do is to answer calls/meetings using my iPad and later join as a new device via MacBook when i need to share my screen or vice versa. I tried to uninstall, clear cache.. check for new updates on all devices and nothing works. 


Any idea if this is a bug? 


Thank you. 

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There is a Service Advisory on this issue in the O365 Admin center. They are aware and are working the issue. Contents below: Title: Users are unable to use the Join a Team

@paul keijzers 


Thank you for the update.


Any idea if the issue has been fixed?