Unable to add Channel to my Team

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I am an admin of my Team but I cannot add a Channel. After filling in the name and description etc. I click 'Add' and then it gives an error 'An error occured...'


I tried it on web app, client and on my mobiel device.


What else can I do?


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I am experiencing the very same issue. Myself and my colleagues are looking into a workaround but nothing useful so far @YoramAend 

Também estou com o mesmo problema.
Try to log out from teams and then login back. Now try to create channel and see if this works.

@alitaqvi  Unfortunately, logging out doesn’t make any difference.

@alitaqvi Indeed doesn't work here as well.

@YoramAendIn a few days ago, MS Team system had been error, have some bugs that effect to unable add channel , add member and upload file to Team's account.

@YoramAend Same issue here, a year and a half later...