Unable to add a new channel to Team

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I've created a new 365 group and a Team to go with it. I was able to add owners, members, and the first 6 (of 7) private channels without issue. The 365 group and the Team are new and unused. When I try to add the 7th channel, I receive this error:


We can't add the channel right now. Try again. If you continue to have problems, contact Microsoft customer support.


The user I'm designating as the channel Owner is a member of the Team and has the same 365 license as the other channel owners. I've tried several times over the past week after logging out/in to the Teams admin center and trying to add the channel from an InPrivate window. Being that I've been able to add these channels for identical (except for the name) groups, what else could be preventing me from creating this channel?

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Can you still create new Teams with private channels or shared channels?

There’s also limits but it’s be rare to hit these: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/limits-specifications-teams

Thanks for the response @HelloBenTeoh 


I just created a new Team (not a 365 group as is the case in my issue) and I was able to add both a standard and private channel. I even named the channel the same thing as the one I'm having trouble with. 


We're a small/medium org early on in the maturity of our Teams adoption. I looked over the limitations and none of them appear to apply. Maybe this is old school, but is there a log that might give a bit more detail? 

It is a strange one all info on logfiles can be found here https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/log-files

you can create same team and channel only the url if you go SharePoint will look different.

@Garrett_Blevins I had issue today as well. My issue turned out to be the name of the new channel. I was trying to name it the same name as a channel that already existed (I had deleted the original channel but must have still registered it). When trying a new name it worked perfectly fine