Unable to access or upload files in teams created Files tab

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I am using Version (64-bit)


Referring to the Files tab that is automatically created in the Teams channel, when viewed, I should be able to go to the contents of every folder inside and upload and view anything there.  I can see the main level usually but I cannot upload a file from here (either drag & drop or upload option) and if I click on any folder I get the following error (scenario ID changes every single time)


These files are no longer available
Check to see if site is available and try again
File Not Found. Scenario ID: 1374
This also does not happen to all teams but happens to all users within those teams experiencing this issue.
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Hi @mapmaker,

is it possible, that someone in that team headed over to the SharePoint Online library and made changes to the right management over there? Maybe even without knowing it would affect you and your colleagues.




@mapmakerI'm having the same issue.  Did you resolve? 

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